Have You Been Charged With a Violent Crime in or Near Las Vegas?

When someone commits a murder, rape, aggravated assault, or robbery in the State of Nevada, it’s considered a crime of violence. If you are charged with a violent crime in this state, make the call at once to a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer for the legal help you will certainly need.

Crimes of violence frequently lead to serious injuries or death for the victims and bystanders. Nevada aggressively enforces the laws that address violent crimes, and justly punishing those who are convicted of violent crimes is a priority for this state’s criminal court system.

It is not difficult in Nevada to be wrongly accused of a crime of violence, and it’s not difficult to be the victim of a violent crime, either. More than 13,000 violent crimes were reported to police agencies in this state in 2023. If you are charged with a violent crime, what is your recourse?

Charged With a Violent Crime? What Steps Should You Take?

If you are charged with a crime of violence in Nevada, it is imperative to exercise your rights. Be respectful and cooperative with the police, but insist on your right to remain silent and your right to legal counsel.

If you are wrongly arrested and charged with committing a violent crime, don’t try explaining anything to the police. Whatever you say could be used against you. Instead, discuss your case only with your defense lawyer, and let your lawyer speak on your behalf.

If the police seek to interrogate you after you’ve been placed under arrest, politely tell the officers something like, “I prefer not to answer questions until my defense attorney can be here,” and then say nothing more.

When Should You Retain a Defense Lawyer?

You must be represented and advised by an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. Don’t even consider acting as your own lawyer. Too much will be at stake, Nevada criminal law is complex and difficult, and any mistake in a violent crime case could land you in prison.

After an arrest, immediately contact a defense attorney who will fight aggressively for you and bring your violent crime case to its best possible outcome. The sooner you retain an attorney, the more time that attorney will have to study the evidence and prepare an effective defense strategy.

How Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Represent You?

To convict you of a violent crime, the state is required to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Depending on the details of the case, a defense lawyer may have several options for defending you. Usually, the first step is asking the prosecutor or the court to drop or dismiss the charge.

Violent crime charges may be dropped or dismissed when there is insufficient evidence or if police officers violated your rights in an investigation, an arrest, a search, or an interrogation. However, if your case goes to trial, your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer may tell the jury:

  1. You acted in your own self-defense or to defend another person.
  2. You had no criminal intent and your action was not premeditated.
  3. Another person committed the violent crime, and you’ve been misidentified.
  4. No crime took place, and the allegation has been fabricated.

Sometimes, the key to a successful defense is locating and questioning eyewitnesses as quickly as possible. If their statements contradict the prosecution’s claims, your Las Vegas criminal defense attorney may then seek additional evidence that supports those eyewitness statements.

Should You Agree to a Plea Bargain?

If you are prosecuted for a violent crime, if you are innocent, and if the charge is not dropped or dismissed, you have the right to a jury trial. However, if the case against you is persuasive, and your conviction is certain, your defense lawyer may negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf.

In most plea bargains, a defendant will plead guilty to a lesser charge, and the defendant, in return, receives a reduced sentence. Discuss any offer with your attorney before you accept it. If you are innocent, you should almost always reject any plea deal offer and insist on a jury trial.

At a trial for a violent crime, your defense lawyer will compile and offer exculpatory evidence to the court, move to suppress any illegally gathered evidence, challenge the reliability of the state’s witnesses, and provide aggressive, effective defense representation on your behalf.

How Common Are Wrongful Arrests for Violent Crimes?

When violent disputes in or near the Las Vegas area turn into aggravated assaults in nightclubs, parking lots, or other public locations, the police often simply arrest everyone who’s involved – including the victims.

Judges, defense lawyers, prosecutors, and divorce attorneys know that rape and aggravated assault claims are sometimes fabricated for reasons such as revenge or gaining an edge in a divorce. In other cases, false accusations of violent crimes are made for no apparent reason at all.

But whether you are guilty as charged or entirely innocent, a conviction for a violent crime will damage your family, possibly send you to prison, take away some of your rights, and create a criminal record that may make it difficult for you to find work – or even housing – in the future.

Accused of a Violent Crime? Call Goodwin Law Group Immediately

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