Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

In the State of Nevada, if you are accused of a domestic violence crime, you must have effective defense representation and reliable legal advice at once. You will need to contact the offices of a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney as swiftly as possible.

In many cases, a conviction for domestic violence can send you to prison and severely impact your life for years into the future. What constitutes domestic violence in Nevada? What are your rights if you are charged with a domestic violence crime? What can happen if you are convicted?

If you will continue reading this short introduction to the domestic violence laws in Nevada, these questions will be answered, and you will also learn what steps you should take if you are placed under arrest and charged with a domestic violence crime in or near the Las Vegas area.

What Crimes Are Domestic Violence Crimes?

In Nevada, “domestic violence” refers to several different crimes if those crimes are committed against family members, household members, or someone with whom the perpetrator has had an intimate relationship. Domestic violence crimes in this state include but are not limited to:

  1.  assault and battery
  2.  kidnapping
  3.  sexual assault and sexual abuse
  4.  coercion
  5.  violating a restraining order

How is Domestic Battery Handled?

Battery – defined as the intentional, unlawful use of force against another person – is perhaps the most common domestic violence charge. Domestic violence battery may be prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor in this state depending on:

  1.  prior domestic violence convictions
  2.  how severely the victim was injured
  3.  whether or not a weapon was used

When the police respond to a domestic battery call in Nevada, the state’s mandatory arrest law takes effect. Police officers are required to arrest the “primary aggressor,” if possible, within twenty-four hours, and that person may not be released from custody for at least twelve hours.

There is no single or standard penalty for a domestic violence conviction in Nevada. The charges and circumstances are different in every case, and the penalties for a conviction will hinge on the details of those charges and circumstances.

What if You Are Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

Just as domestic violence happens far too frequently, false claims of domestic violence are also made far too frequently. Experienced Nevada judges, police officers, criminal defense attorneys, and divorce lawyers deal routinely with false claims of domestic violence.

A false domestic violence claim may be made, for example, by an ex-spouse in a property or custody dispute. Resentful teenagers also sometimes fabricate domestic violence claims to get their stepparents in legal trouble. And in some cases, a fabricated domestic violence claim may be made with no apparent motive whatsoever.

If someone has fabricated a domestic violence claim against you, immediately contact a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer who will protect your legal rights, fight to uncover the truth, and work effectively and aggressively for the justice you will need.

How Will a Defense Attorney Help You?

If you are charged with a crime of domestic violence, a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney will probably ask the prosecutor to drop the charge against you. If the prosecutor cannot or will not drop the charge, your attorney may file a motion with the court to dismiss the case.

If the court denies a motion to dismiss, do not plead guilty. Instead, you should exercise your right to a jury trial. At a domestic violence trial, your lawyer will tell the jurors what actually happened and why those jurors should find you not guilty of domestic violence.

However, if you are guilty as charged, and if the prosecution’s case and evidence are persuasive, your defense lawyer may instead negotiate with the prosecution for a plea agreement that requires you to enter a guilty plea to a reduced charge and to serve a reduced sentence.

Your defense lawyer will determine if the domestic violence charge can be dropped or dismissed, explain your options for a plea deal, and/or represent you at your trial.

How Should You Choose a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Goodwin Law Group has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases on behalf of clients in and near the Las Vegas area. Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer Charles Goodwin knows how to uncover the truth and how to bring your domestic violence case to its best possible outcome.

Divorce proceedings, protection orders, and disputes over child custody may all depend on the outcome of a domestic violence case. A successful defense in these cases requires the knowledge and skills of an attorney who will fight aggressively and effectively for the justice you need.

Attorney Charles Goodwin offers a strong, aggressive defense for clients who are charged with domestic violence crimes. He will take the time to learn the facts, question the witnesses, and prepare an effective defense while protecting your rights and working toward the best end result.

If you have been charged with any crime of domestic violence in or near Las Vegas, or if you have been served with a domestic violence-related protection order, call the Las Vegas offices of Goodwin Law Group now at 702-472-9594, and put the law to work for you.