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Las Vegas Sex Crimes Defense

False Sex Crime Allegations WILL Ruin Your Life. 

But they don't have to. Charles Goodwin at Goodwin Law Group, PLLC knows how to fight back against false allegations of rape, sexual assault, and child molestation.

Being accused of sexual assault, lewdness with a minor, open and gross lewdness, or any other sex crime in the Las Vegas Valley can result in a lifetime prison sentence and ALL of them require sexual offender registration. The cases are often lacking in physical evidence, highly complex, and the allegations may be years or even decades old. Sometimes, simply being accused is enough to permanently ruin your reputation. But you CAN fight back. Call or text 702 472 9594 or fill out the form on the right to be contacted by top Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Charles Goodwin to get your free case assessment.

Experienced Sex Crime Defense Attorney Charles Goodwin is on Your Side

When you hire Charles Goodwin, you get an experienced advocate at your side. Charles Goodwin is a National Trial Lawyer's Top 40 under 40. He has successfully fought sex crime allegations throughout Southern Nevada. Hiring Charles Goodwin will get you:

  • Direct Access to Charles Goodwin: You get Charles' personal cellphone number and can text or call about any concerns you have.
  • Representation by Only Charles Goodwin: Several firms will woo you with one attorney, then have another one show up at court for you. That never happens at Goodwin Law Group. When you hire Charles Goodwin, you GET Charles Goodwin.
  • Personalized Defense: Charles treats each case differently since no set of facts or circumstances are the same. In close consultation with you, Charles Goodwin crafts a personalized defense to protect your reputation and, more importantly, your freedom.
  • Full Transparency: Charles shares all police reports, videos, and intended motions with you. There is never any hide the ball. Everything that Charles receives is shared with you so that you fully understand your position.

 Las Vegas Sex Crime Defense Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my case assessment really free?


At Goodwin Law Group, PLLC we understand that selecting a lawyer to defend against false allegations is one of the biggest decisions you can make. The purpose of the case assessment is not only to evaluate your situation and provide you with the relevant information, it's also a time for you to see if you feel comfortable with Charles Goodwin. We encourage you to ask questions, take notes, and not hesitate to speak your mind. Our case assessments are protected by attorney-client privilege and 100% confidential!

Where can I learn more about my charges?

Right here.

Charles Goodwin has created several resources for you to explore on this website. These are produced to provide you with information on what you are facing. We recommend you start by checking out Charles Goodwin's Las Vegas Sex Crimes guide. 

What kind of penalties am I looking at?

Serious Ones.

Sex crimes in Nevada often carry hefty penalties, with many resulting in prison sentences that begin at ten years up to life in prison. In addition, any sex crime conviction will result in sex offender registration. Check out our resources to learn more. You can also call or text 702 472 9594 or fill out the lead form on the side of the page and Charles will contact you himself.

This situation is overwhelming, and I feel lost

We understand.

When somebody accuses you of sexual assault, rape, or other sex crimes in Las Vegas, it can be a terrifying experience. That's why Charles is here. As an experienced sex crimes defense attorney, Charles can help you prepare a defense and fight back against these allegations. You do not have to feel overwhelmed and lost with Charles Goodwin on your side.

You Only Get One Chance to Set the Record Straight. Call or text (702) 472-9594 or Fill Out the Form on the Sidebar. Charles Goodwin is Here for You.

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