Individuals will frequently use the terms robbery and burglary interchangeably in describing a criminal action. However, each term has its own distinct meaning and penalties under the laws of the state of Nevada. The crime of robbery occurs when a perpetrator takes another person’s property while in the same proximity to one another. On the other hand, a burglary occurs when a perpetrator makes an unlawful entry or unlawfully remains in a business, dwelling, or motor vehicle with the intention of committing a crime such as theft, assault, or battery.

If you have been arrested and charged with either robbery or burglary, then you need to obtain experienced legal representation as soon as possible. Both of these charges are considered to be felonies in Nevada, and if convicted, you could face serious time in prison, steep fines, and a permanent criminal record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Contact the Goodwin Law Group, PLLC of Las Vegas, NV, to schedule a free consultation.

What Factors Must be Involved to Prove a Robbery Charge?

It should be noted that all criminal cases are unique and involve their own set of circumstances. However, there are several factors that must be proven in order for an individual to be convicted of the crime of robbery. The offender must have used violence, force, or threat of violence or force in the commission of the crime. Additionally, the offender uses some form of violence or intimidation to obtain another individual’s personal property or use it as a means of escape.

What are the Penalties for Robbery and Burglary?

Due to the serious nature of the crimes, you could face a substantial amount of time in prison and hefty fines if you are convicted of robbery or burglary.

Robbery is a Category B felony and is punishable by not less than two years and not more than 15 years in state prison. If the offender used a deadly weapon in the commission of the crime, the penalties could be enhanced.

Burglary convictions are more complicated as the sentence length and the fine involved depend on the type of burglary that has been committed, such as:

  • Residential burglary: Category B felony punishable by one to 10 years in prison.
  • Burglary of a business: Category C felony punishable by 1-5 years in prison with a fine of up to $10,000
  • Burglary of a structure: Category D felony punishable by up to 4 years in prison
  • Burglary of a motor vehicle: Category E felony punishable by up to one to 4 years in prison and a fine of up to 5,000

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me With My Charges?

Charges of robbery or burglary are very serious and can cause you to spend a significant amount of time in prison if convicted. You need to retain an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your freedom. We will examine the facts of your case and help build a strong defense on your behalf.

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

The best step that you can take in order to protect yourself and your future is to seek legal representation immediately after you have been charged with a crime. Time is of the essence in all criminal cases as witnesses move or memories quickly fade.

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