Goodwin Law Group, PLLC is proud to announce that Nevada DUI Defense Attorney Charles Goodwin has been appointed to three National College of DUI Defense Task Forces.

National College Of DUI Defense

The National College of DUI Defense is the premier DUI Defense professional organization. From their mission statement:

Few offenses in America’s criminal justice process call for greater attorney expertise than cases involving driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. DUI cases are especially complex because they require defense counsel to understand scientific, as well as legal processes. The legal issues are wide-ranging, involving search and seizure, due process, illegal interrogation, denial of counsel, and evidentiary issues. These legal issues intersect in a DUI case with scientific areas of expertise, such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology, and toxicology, as well as pseudo-scientific areas such as field sobriety testing. DUI defense counsel must also have a working understanding of the operation of breath test equipment, hospital testing equipment, and instruments utilized by forensic laboratories in the process of testing for intoxicants.

The NCDD has recently created several task forces to investigate issues and educate members of the organization on the most up-to-date information in those specific areas. Charles Goodwin was appointed to three task forces:

  1. Alcohol & Drug Testing Devices Committee: The Alcohol and Drug Testing Devices Task Force gathers and provides members with information related to devices used by law enforcement for alcohol and drug testing, including breath, oral fluids and transdermal monitoring. The task force informs members about issues related to reliability and accuracy. The Task force may also produce articles and case reviews for the NCDD Journal and blog, as well as topics for webinars and seminars.
  2. Amicus/Research Committee: The Amicus Committee represents the National College for DUI Defense and the Board’s positions in the highest courts of the nation. NCDD’s goals include the protection of citizens’ rights as they relate to impaired driving cases. These rights include privacy rights, Fourth Amendment rights, confrontation rights, promotion of accurate and reliable testing, unrestricted access to evidence and overall justice in proceedings.
  3. Impaired Driving Committee: The Impaired Driving Task Force provides members of NCDD with information and assistance involving:
    1. NHTSA drug and alcohol testing, such as SFSTs, DRE, ARIDE
    2. Non-standardized sobriety tests;
    3. Studies relating to impaired driving tests;
    4. Oral Fluid and Roadside Testing

Nevada DUI Defense Attorney Charles Goodwin

DUI Defense Attorney Charles Goodwin has always been passionate about defending against DUI charges. He has spent countless hours studying the effects of alcohol on the body, impairment from prescription drugs and marijuana, and the science behind the tests that are used to convict for a Nevada DUI. He has defended against DUI charges all across the State of Nevada. He is serious about helping his clients get back to their lives when they have been accused of a DUI in Nevada.

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