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Las Vegas Domestic Violence Defense

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

In Nevada, being charged with domestic violence is very serious. Whenever the police show up to a domestic dispute the FIRST thing they do is attempt to determine:

  1. If there was violence
  2. Who was the aggressor

That is because in Nevada if there is an incident of domestic violence the aggressor MUST go to jail for at least twelve hours - though they are often there much longer. If you were deemed to be the aggressor in a domestic dispute in Nevada, you must call Nevada Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Charles Goodwin today. That is because:

  1. A Domestic Violence charge stays on your record for SEVEN years; and
  2. A Domestic Violence conviction WILL result in the loss of your Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

Charles Goodwin has handled hundreds of Domestic Violence cases all throughout Southern Nevada. He knows how to fight back cases where it is almost always "he said, she said." Don't jeopardize your future or your Constitutional Rights! Call Goodwin Law Group, PLLC today!

Domestic Violence Laws in Las Vegas

The laws concerning domestic violence in Nevada are changing quickly, and you have to rely on your domestic violence defense attorney to help you make the right choice. Some of the difficult decisions facing those charged with domestic violence in Nevada are:

  • Whether to have a jury trial or bench trial
  • If you are charged in a municipal court, whether you should challenge their jurisdiction
  • Whether a deferred sentence is in your best interest

Each one of these decisions requires complex analysis. To properly protect your rights you need to use a Nevada domestic violence attorney. Domestic violence situations are often much more complex than what the police are ready to deal with at that time. They simply find the aggressor and take them to jail for the courts to figure out. If this happened to you, contact Goodwin Law Group, PLLC immediately. We can help advise you on the next steps and fight back against these allegations.

Charged with Domestic Violence in Las Vegas

Nevada Domestic Violence laws are strict and unforgiving. To be convicted for domestic violence only requires two elements:

  • Battery or assault; and,
  • Domestic relationship (spouse, brother, sister, mother, etc.) 

What makes it worse is that a battery in Nevada is simply offensive touching! This means that throwing water, moving an angry spouse out of the way, or even a food fight could result in a domestic violence conviction on your record, resulting in a loss of your right to bear arms and a conviction on your record for seven years. A second conviction results in stiffer penalties, and a third is a felony with mandatory prison time. That's right. You could potentially spend up to five years in prison for a food fight.

Let Goodwin Law Group Help You With Your Domestic Violence Charge

Nevada's domestic violence laws do not adequately cover domestic violence. Domestic violence is about control. Nevada's laws are simply an easy answer to a complex question. That is why you need an experienced and knowledgeable domestic violence defense attorney on your side. You need Charles Goodwin from the Goodwin Law Group, PLLC. Charles has tried several domestic violence cases and resolved hundreds more. He has experience throughout Southern Nevada and will defend you.

Don't gamble with your future. Call today for your free case assessment and let Charles Goodwin help you.

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